Get Up to 25% Off!

When you combine 2 or more of our services you can save up to 25% off. Our manager Travis Philley will give you a free complimentary detailed quote and answer any questions you might have.

For our cleaning staff we love to help out busy parents and professionals who have a lot of priorities on their hands. You don’t have to worry anymore, just focus on what makes you happy. If you have a ‘to do’ list that’s even better. We can clean kitchens, floors vacuum carpets, do laundry…you name it and we’ll do it.

Customer Reviews:

“I called Green hair cut to just do my lawn maintenance. They did a great job that summer, then I hired them to do snow removal. Now I have them also doing my cleaning. I literally have so much free time my husband and I can now squeeze in an extra vacation or 2 into the year without disrupting our schedules. It’s been a big help.”
- Jen and Thomas, 2013, St. Vital

“Just wanted to say I’m really impressed. Green haircut and Travis have really helped me out. I’m a young professional who just doesn’t have time to do all the stuff I should do around the house. Makes it a lot easier!”
- David, Bridgewater Forest

Yard Care Services

  • Lawn Cutting: We keep your grass trimmed and tidy, on your schedule
  • Fertilizing: We ensure your grass grows lush and green.
  • Spring/Fall Cleanups: We clean your lawn of leaves, old grass, and more.
  • Aerating: Use less water, and enjoy a thicker lawn with aeration.
  • Weed control: We remove unwanted weeds, and prevent them from coming back.
  • Sodding: We will add to your lawn, replace it completely, or repair damaged areas.